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optogenetics 2018

optogenetics 2018

Department of Physiological Sciences RAS
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Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Dear colleague,

A decade ago optogenetics and later optopharmacology opened a new era in neurobiological approaches. Currently, a fantastic range of optobiological tools allows to selectively control neuronal activity. We invite you to participate in the Russian Conference “Optogenetics and Optopharmacology” that will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on April 11-15, 2018 in the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The conference will feature plenary lectures on the general problems of optogenetics and optopharmacology, as well as oral presentations and posters on the results of research conducted by the Conference participants.

The scientific program of the conference will include discussion of the problems of creating new optogenetics tools, targeted delivery of photosensitive proteins and low-molecular-weight photo switches to target cells, problems of prosthetics of sensory systems, toxicity and stability of optogenetic tools, interpretation of results and other issues.

Simultaneously with the Conference, the School on Optogenetics and Optopharmacology will be held, where it is planned to read a series of lectures for young researchers on the current state of optobiological methods, to discuss at round tables and special sessions the research issues at the present level, the participation of young scientists in the ongoing work. Leading specialists from Russian scientific institutions and from abroad – P.D. Bregestovski (KSMU, Russia, INSERM, France), A.V. Kuznetsov, and others will be invited to give lectures and hold roundtables. A.V. Semyanov (UNN, Russia), L. Looger, A. Karpova (HHMI, USA), P.M. Balaban (IHNA&NPh, Russia), M.A. Ostrovsky (Moscow State University, Russia), N.N. Dygalo (NSU, Russia), K.V. Anokhin (Moscow State University, Russia).

A satellite symposium “Imaging” is planned to be held in the framework of the conference and the school, which will be formed on the basis of applications. Details will be published later.

The working languages ​​of the conference are English and Russian.

Forms of participation: participants with an oral presentation, participants with a poster presentation, participants without a presentation.


  1. When submitting an application, the first author is considered to be the speaker in the theses.
  2. All co-authors who want to participate in the conference must register as participants without a presentation.
  3. We also ask you to register as participants without the presentation of all the co-authors of the theses, who will not participate in the conference in person. The fee for participation in this case is not charged.
  4. The abstract is uploaded only by the author of the presentation (oral or poster).
  5. Confirmation of payment of registration fee (after confirmation of the application) each full-time participant carries out independently.
  6. The format of the Conference does not provide distance participation with the publication of abstracts without personal presentation in oral or poster form. In case, by coincidence, personal participation of the author in the Conference is not possible, we ask to notify the organizing committee by e-mail and to inform which of the co-authors and in what form of the presentation will be submitted.

It is planned to publish a Proceedings of Conference “Optogenetics and Optopharmacology”, based on the materials of the conference. The size of abstracts started from 2 pages (A4), b/w illustrations are possible.

Key dates:

  1. Registration of participants with an oral and poster presentation from December 11, 2017 to March 1, 2018 (inclusive).
  2. Registration of participants without a presentation from December 11, 2017 to March 21, 2018 (inclusive).
  3. Registration of co-authors of presentations without full participation from December 11, 2017 to April 10, 2018 (inclusive).
  4. March 1 – March 11, 2018: the formation of the program, the confirmation of the form of participation
  5. March 11 – March 21, 2018 (inclusive): payment of registration fee in accordance with the confirmed form of participation

After March 21 (later confirmation), the registration fee increases by 20 €.

The payment for participation is made after confirmation of acceptance of theses for participation (the corresponding status in the application)



The abstracts are submitted by all participants with a presentation. In the abstract book, after the review by the Program Committee, all the abstracts accepted for the conference will be presented.

The abstracts are downloaded when you register in the section “Creating PDF-files of abstracts” through a special form to apply your abstracts will be available on the page “My applications” after you submit your application to participate. Abstracts can be submitted in both Russian and English.

Text size of no more than 2500 characters with spaces + w/b illustration, font Times New Roman, font size – 12, line spacing, text – 1.

Sample abstracts:


Ivanov I.I.1, Ivanova I.I.2

1Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, 2Institute of Physiology, Komi Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Syktyvkar, Russia, e-mail:

 The purpose of this work was to …


Cost of participation:

  1. Participants with oral and poster presentation 100 € (before March 21, 2018), 120 € (after March 21, 2018).
  2. A participant without a report – 50 € (before March 21, 2018), 70 € (after March 21, 2018).
  3. Students and graduate students: participation with a presentation and without a presentation 30 € (before March 21, 2018), 50 € (after March 21, 2018).


The fee does not include:

– The cost of a printed copy of the abstract book. To order a printed copy, you must make a special note when registering. The cost of 1 copy is 5 €.

– Cocktail party on the first day of the conference. The cost of participation is 25 €.

In the case of ordering the abstract book and / or participation in a cocktail party, the amount of the registration fee will be increased by the above amounts.



(for participants outside Russia)


194223  St. Petersburg

Thorez pr., 44

ph. +7 812 552 7901

fax +7 812 552 3012








73.10, 80.30.2






BIC 044030653

c/a 30101810500000000653



bank account (Euro)

current № 40503978555080000003

transit account

№ 40503978855081000003

 Reference: registration fee on Optogenetics2018 [First Name, Last Name]



The organizing committee agreed terms of self-booking accommodation hotel “Orbita” (Address: St. Petersburg, 4, pr Nepokorennykh, 3 minutes walk from the metro station, 20 minutes – to the venue of the meeting.) or the hotel “Sputnik” (15 min walk from the metro station and 7 minutes – to the venue of the Meeting).

For more information on the organization and holding of the conference contact:
Ivan Sukhov Telephone: +7 (812) 552-3117
WhatsApp &WeChat&Viber: +7 9119981047

Contact information
194223 Russia, Saint-Petersburg, pr. Torez 44
Phone: +7(812) 552-79-01

The Organizing Committee of the conference will be grateful for any suggestions for organizing and conducting these activities. Proposals should be sent to the Organizing Committee.

1st Information Letter, eng (doc, 45.5 Kb)

1st Information Letter, rus (doc, 64.5 Кб)


Best wishes,

The Organizing Committee

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